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#SuccessfulLanguageLearning 🏆

How to learn a language successfully and become fluent?

✨✨ ✨ ✨ 🙌🏾 👉🏽 PART 1 👈🏽 🙌🏾 ✨ ✨ ✨✨

The polyglot and TED talk speaker Lýdia Machová researched on important factors to successfully learn a new language and discovered that there is no special talent or “language gene” needed.

She lists these 👉🏽 important principles 👈🏽 for a successful 💪🏽language journey:

🏆E N J O Y M E N T: Find a way to enjoy the process of learning your chosen language AND take learning into your own hands🤚🏽.

For your children's language learning you can look for appealing topics and then integrate these in daily life. For example, play a fun board game together, watch their favourite movie in German, set up a call with the grandparents, book a football summer camp in Germany, etc.

☝🏽BUT enjoyment is not enough to be successful. Like Zig Ziglar said “There is NO elevator to success YOU have to TAKE the stairs”. Effective methods are key to your language journey.

🏆Effective M E T H O DS: If you want to keep words in your long term memory, repetition is the key (so called space repetition).

For children it is important to find an individual and a suitable method to use the targeted language on a regular basis.

For example, they can use APPS like ANKI or MEMRISE, writing down their words in a “Vokabelheft”, make flashcards, visualise the vocabulary with post-its around the room etc.

Stay tuned for PART 2. Coming 🔜 in the next post.

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